Rely on Asagoe Industry Co., Ltd. if you are looking for a supplier of iron castings for hydraulic valve parts or automotive parts
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Representative’s Message

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The cutting-edge companies of Japan have established the highest level of quality in the global markets, and they are boosting their performance primarily through exports. In the fields of construction equipment, automobiles, and machine tools, Japanese-made products are recognized throughout the world, and have attained a top level in the world.

We, Asagoe Industry, have been focusing mainly on the castings and machining that are the heart of machinery, we have strengthened our competitiveness in terms of quality, delivery, and price, and made our company to be with high customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing is like a relay race of “Passing the Baton.” Within that process, we carry the first baton. If we stop, every things may stop.

Asagoe brand has over 140 years history.

We will continue our tireless efforts to take up new challenges, never resting satisfied with the status quo.
Encouraged by our history, there will be no end to the evolution of Asagoe Industry.


June 1957
Began operations as casting department of the Asagoe Machine Mfg., Co.LTD
October 1960
Received approval to cast brake parts from Japanese National Railways
September 1964
Established Asagoe Industry Co., Ltd.
January 1989
Began operations of New Machining Plant (Precision Machinery Department)
October 1996
Established new Mitsu Plant in Mitsutakazu, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi
October 1996
Established new Mitsu No. 1 Plant and KDM Line
June 1997
Approved as a Lloyd’s certified plant
July 2006
Acquired ISO 9001 certification
January 2008
Completed Mitsu No. 2 Plant and ACE Line
July 2010
Acquired ISO 14001 certification
June 2011
Completed Mitsu No. 3 Plant and Control Valve Line
September 2012
Established mold fabrication subsidiary, AGK Seisakusho
September 2016
Completed FCMX line in Mitsu No. 1 Plant

Integrated Policy for Quality and the Environment
(established Sept. 1, 2016)

By carrying out continuous improvement activities, we aim to realize employee satisfaction, environmental protection, and high quality, and continually show gratitude toward and contribute to customers, business partners, local communities, and the global environment.
To realize the above policy, we shall put the following steps into practice.

  • We shall put in place quality and environmental policies to meet the goals of each department, and review them as necessary.
  • We shall work hard to prevent environmental pollution by actively using recycled materials, improving energy efficiency, reducing wastes, and taking other applicable action.
  • We shall abide by environmental laws and regulations pertaining to our activities, and other requirements agreed to by our company.
  • We shall continuously improve our quality and environmental management systems.
  • We shall put this policy into writing, and post it at each business site. We will also widely disseminate it to the general public through our web page.
Asagoe Technology

if you are looking for a supplier of iron castings for hydraulic valve parts or automotive parts, be sure to consult with our company. We boast one of the top track records in Western Japan.
We respond to a diverse range of customer needs, from high-quality castings using various materials, to precision machining.

Asagoe Technology